Mid-Week Devotional for September 24, 2020

“For where two or three are gathered in my name,
I am there among them.’”
-Matthew 18:20

The last few weeks, the words to this verse of scripture have been coming to mind. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” I have always loved this passage because of the way it reminds us that God is present with us no matter how many of us are gathered. I believe too, that this also applies whether we are gathered in one space or many. In fact, it’s one of the passages I’ve held onto these past six months as we found ourselves in a whole new way of being in community each Sunday. But now, things are changing. We are beginning the steps needed to come together again! Our hope is to gather in one space again, that we might pray together in our beloved church buildings. Which is exciting in many ways: we’re looking forward to being in our beautiful church buildings and of course seeing one another again. But it’s also scary. It’s scary because it has been a long time-almost seven months to be exact. It’s also scary because we aren’t returning to what we know- what is normal and comfortable. When we gather on October 4th, it will not be the way we worshiped together on March 8th. We still need to be careful when we gather: keeping distance between us, wearing masks, no hugs or handshakes. Sadly, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. Which also means that many of us are feeling anxious right now, and not all of us will come together on October 4th. Some of us aren’t ready, which is okay. It’s okay to do what is best for you right now, even if it’s different from what others choose. And so as we prepare for this transition, I want all of you to know that whatever happens, we are not alone. You are not alone. God is with you in the midst of the fear. God is with you in the excitement you may feel at entering those doors again. But God is also with you at home on Sunday, worshipping with your computer in front of you, or when you lift up your own private prayers. For as our scripture says, “where two or three are gathered. . .I am there. . .” I would even say, whenever one of you pauses,
prays, gives thanks, God is there. And so, please know that even as I look forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks, my prayer and spirit is also with those of you who will choose to continue being a part of our online church community. Because whatever way you choose to gather, we are still one Body in Christ Jesus, who welcomes us in love and faith where we are and as we are. Thanks be!

Blessings, Rev. Tara Ann

Devotional was written by Rev. Tara Ann Gourson, September 2020.

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