Announcements for the Week of September 5, 2021

The Bulletins for the month of September are Dedicated to the Glory of God and in Loving memory of

James, Ettie and Dewar Winn by the Family

Kent Maynard and Wendell Maynard by Blanche and Family

Myrtle Noye by Family

Lloyd Ramsay, Erland and Evelyn Ramsay by Irene and Family

Marvin Lane by Helen and Elmer Hutchinson

Pauline Burleigh by Barbara and Paul Burleigh

Upcoming Meetings

Session – Monday Sept. 20th – 7pm

Worship Committee – Monday Sept. 20th 8pm

Stewards – Tuesday Sept. 21st – 7pm

Official Board – Tuesday Sept. 21st – 8pm

Our Service Schedule 

Please note the changes to our service schedule:

The Service on Sunday September 5th has been cancelled.

Sunday September 12th – Lot 14 – 10am

Sunday September 19th – Tyne Valley – 10am

Sunday September 26th – Bideford-Conway – 10am

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