Announcements for the Week of September 19th.

The Bulletins for the month of September are dedicated to The Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:

Ina Belle, Katie, and James Phillips by Carl Phillips and Family

George, Nina, Lyman, Donald, Linda Phillips by the Family

Will and Dorothea Phillips, Eleanor and Beverly Gates by the Phillips Family

Colin, Belle and Archie MacGregor by Edna and Family

Greta and Graydon Grigg by Erma, Jean, Rowena and Families

Scott and Matthew Phillips by Laura and Family

Worship For Next Sunday

Our next Worship Service will be on Sunday September 26th at 10:00 AM at Bideford-Conway.


All meetings (Session, Worship Committee, Stewards and Official Board) set for September 20th and 21st have been tentatively delayed for one week. It is hoped we will have a minster in place by that time to assist us in meetings and worship.

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