Announcements for the Week of October 10, 2021

The Bulletins for the month of October are dedicated to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:

Wayne Walfield by Ruth, Shawn, Crystal, Bloyce and Ivey

Elmer C. Ramsay by Norma Ramsay

Alvin Hardy by the Family

Olga Martino by Helen and Elmer Hutchinson and Family

Celie Millar and Pauline Millar by Wayne and Janice Trowsdale

Service Schedule

Our next Sunday Service on October 17, 2021 will be at Lot 14 starting at 10am. New schedules will be available at the church on Sunday.


There will be an Official Board meeting on Tuesday October 19th starting at 7 pm at the meeting room in Bideford-Conway.

Kids West

Kids West will be starting up their program at Bideford-Conway next Wednesday October 13th starting at 10am to 11:30. Preregistration is required by calling Kids West or message them through their Facebook page. All Covid Protocols will be followed.

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