Life and Work of the Church for the week of December 19, 2021

The Bulletins for the Month of December are Dedicated to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:

Lloyd T. Ramsay by wife, Irene and sons Garth, Scott, Kenneth and Grandchildren
Clinton Trowsdale and Verne Howatt by Wayne and Janice Trowsdale
Ernest, Graydon and Greta Grigg and Peter Millar by Rachel, Kirk, Kenley and Graydon Noye
Lorne and Olive Grigg, George and Hazel Ellis, Burton Ellis, Walter Ladd and Elwell Grigg by Muriel Grigg
Lorna and Herman Yeo, Ivan Baglole and Steven Yeo by Muriel Grigg
Volunteers Needed
We are in need of volunteers in the following areas:
-Musicians to help with Stewart Memorial services, and as occasional support for Sunday services(when current organists are unavailable)
-Helpers to set up and record the weekly services(training provided)
-backup support for uploading services to YouTube when Clergy is away or unavailable a particular week.(training provided)
To volunteer or learn more contact Rev. Tara Ann

Gifts With Vision
Are you looking for a unique gift idea while also wanting to support the mission work of the United Church? Gifts with Vision offers a variety of gift ideas that support the work of our Mission and Service Partners here in Canada and around the world. To learn more or to choose a gift giving option from the Catalogue go to There will also be a handful of copies available at the back of the Church.

Our Next Services are:
December 23rd in Lot 14 starting at 7:00pm (Christmas Eve with Communion)
December 24th in Bideford-Conway starting at 7pm and online at 7:00pm (Christmas Eve with Communion) Note both services are the same please register for only one by calling Hilton MacLennan at 831-2187
December 26th in Tyne Valley staring at 10:00am and at 7:00pm on Line.

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