The Life and Work of the Church for the week of February 27, 2022

The Bulletins for the month of February are dedicated to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:
Clayton Noye by his Family
John MacCaull and Christopher Noye by David Glenn and Family
Wilbert and Muriel McInnis by Rhonda, Rod and Family
John MacCaull by Helen and Elmer Hutchinson and Family
Burton Ellis and Hazel and George Ellis by Erma and Family
Robert Millar Sr. by Wayne, Janice and Family
Dr. Joyce Madagane by Erma Ellis

Annual Meetings: 
Given that restrictions have continued to tighten, our Annual meetings have been postponed with new dates to be announced once we are able to gather in person again. If you have your reports done, we encourage you to submit them to John as soon as you’re able to make it easier to prepare the Annual report.

Lenten Walk to Jerusalem: 
As a spiritual practice during the season of Lent, I am inviting the charge to join in “walking to Jerusalem.”  The distance in KM’s from Bideford to Jerusalem is 8122 KM.  Our challenge is to walk the KM’s together between Ash Wednesday which is March 2nd and Good Friday, April 15. During this time, you will be asked to “log” your walks and submit them to Rev. Tara Ann who will add them to our weekly count.  Every step, every KM counts!  We will also use this as a spiritual practice to pray together and reflect on the stories of Holy Week and Jesus’ final steps as he journeyed to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast and his death. Rev. Tara Ann will provide some resources for participating in a spiritual practice on your own, and COVID restrictions dependent, we can plan some shared walking activities or gather to reflect on our experiences either online or in person. Resources will also include ideas for taking a “spiritual walk” for those who may not be able to participate physically. In order to do this, you are asked to sign up with Rev. Tara Ann by Sunday February 27th so that we know if there is enough interest to make this goal achievable. This is for all ages, so I encourage you to sign up as a family or as a group of friends, but remember to log each individual person’s KM’s.

Church Services
The Official Board has made the decision to continue with online worship for the month of February. Services may be seen on YouTube (search Bideford Pastoral Charge in YouTube) or through the Bideford Pastoral Charge Facebook page. Search Bideford Pastoral Charge in Facebook. This Sunday's service starts at 10am.

World Day of Prayer 2022
Theme: I Know the Plans I Have for You
(based on Jeremiah 29:1-14)
Here is a link to access the World Day of Prayer video service, etc. This year the service date is March 4th. The program this year was prepared by women in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In this area (Tyne Valley & Area) we usually held a Sunday afternoon WDP service but with COVID still present I am hoping that each individual will go to the website and access all the information, including a wonderful video, and participate. Your donations are welcome and are tax deductible (on amounts of $20 or more). Money is very much needed to carry out mission work to empower Christians to pursue justice, peace and reconciliation in Canada and beyond. The address to donate is: WICC of Canada, 47 Queen’s Park Cres. East, Toronto, ON M5S 2C3

KidsWest will be resuming their weekly playgroups at Bideford-Conway starting this Thursday March 3rd at 10:00 AM. pre-registration is required as number of attendees is limited so contact KidsWest to register.

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