COVID-19 Policy Update


As things have opened up in our communities, our pastoral charge has been taking a slow approach to a return to normalcy. This past week the Official Board approved the following as our policy moving forward. Please review and if you have any questions feel free to contact Rev. Tara Ann.

The COVID Planning Group recommends that we continue be cautious as restrictions are lifted in our province. Below are the recommendations for doing so:

• The wearing of masks will be by personal choice.
• Some physical distancing will be maintained. One side of each church will be roped off, skipping 1 pew to create some distance (approximately 3 feet), the other will be opened up.
• We will re-start our choir, provided that visiting worship leaders are comfortable with this arrangement.
• We will lessen sanitizing protocols and focus only on areas of high concern where more than one person may share the space (for example the pulpit or microphones). We will no longer sanitize pews, light switches, door knobs etc. on a per use basis.
• We will continue to remind and encourage people to practice good hygiene: hand washing and use of sanitizer and staying home when sick.
• Hymn books will be returned to the pews.
• We will continue to keep the offering Plate at the back of the church but will return to having one person present the offering during the service.
• We will continue holding Communion by asking people to bring your own Elements.
• Baptism families will be consulted to decide if the Baptism will be in-service or private, depending on level of concern and vulnerability for the infant and/or family. The Baptism itself will continue to follow best practices (clergy wears a mask, sanitizes, parents hold the infant).
• The Sunday School hopes to return in the fall, COVID related concerns will be discussed at that time.
• We will share our updated policy with any external groups but let them decide their own best practices for their program.

This updated protocol replaces any previous ones and comes into effect Sunday May 29th 2022.

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