Camp Abby Wish List

Hi Everyone! Camp Abby has put together a wish list of items for donation that would help them over the summer. Below is the wish list, if you would like to donate an item please bring it in to the church over the next few weeks and we will make sure they get to the camp.

Camp Abegweit Most Needed Items Summer 2022

Camp Abby needs some assistance. To help lower our weekly costs we are hoping that people would be willing to donate any of the following items from our “wish list.” These are items that are used in great quantities over the summer. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Food Supplies

· Cake mixes and icing
· Canned beans
· Canned fruit
· Canned vegetables (peas, and corn)
· Cereal – our campers especially like Rice Krispies, Mini Wheats, Cheerios and Frosted Flakes
· Cheese Whiz
· Chocolate chips
· Coffee
· Flour
· Freezies – small (20 ml) a cool treat for hot days
· Ice cream cones
· Jam
· Jello
· Juice – 2-liter containers all flavors are enjoyed
· Ketchup
· Mustard
· Oatmeal
· Pancake mix and syrup
· Peanut butter
· Popcorn
· Ranch and Caesar Salad dressing
· Relish
· Rice or soup crackers
· S’mores supplies – marshmallows, Celebration cookies
· Spaghetti
· Spaghetti sauce
· Sugar
· Vegetable oil

Cleaning Supplies

· Dish soap
· Javex
· Mr. Clean
· Washable Paints and Markers

Program Supplies

· Rit Tie Dye – various colors, available at Michaels
· Markers – both Crayola and sharpie

General Supplies

· Adult Tylenol and Advil
· Band aids
· Bug repellent – children’s
· Children’s Tylenol and Advil
· Gravol (children and adult)
· Sunblock

· Gift Cards from Michaels, Sobeys, Superstore, Giant Tiger, Kays Wholesale (to help us buy arts and crafts supplies and perishable groceries)
· Money to help send a child to camp for a week

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