The Life and Work of the Church for the week of September 25, 2022

The Bulletins for the month of September are dedicated to The Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:
Ina Belle, Katie, and James Phillips by Carl Phillips and Family
George, Nina, Lyman, Donald, Linda Phillips by the Family
Will and Dorothea Phillips, Eleanor and Beverly Gates by the Phillips Family
Colin, Belle and Archie MacGregor by Edna and Family
Greta and Graydon Grigg by Erma, Jean, Rowena and Families
Scott and Matthew Phillips by Laura and Family

Church Services 
Our next service will be on Sunday October 2, 2022 at 10:00 am in Bideford-Conway and online at 7:00pm on YouTube. This is World Wide Communion Sunday, communion will be held and is bring your own elements. Rev. Pix Butt will be leading this service.

The Lot 14 UCW is meeting on Tuesday October 4th at 7 pm at the home of Louise Elder. If anyone wishes to attend, they are most welcome.

Central Treasurer's Report to Aug 31, 2022

Cash Balance in Checking Acct.   $36,756.22
(as of Aug 31, 2022)

Submitted $23,200.00
Allotment  $23,200.00
Balance            $0.00

Tyne Valley
Submitted     $8520.00
Allotment    $11,360.00
Balance      ($2,840.00)

Lot 14
Submitted     $9555.00
Allotment    $10,920.00
Balance      ($1,365.00)

Share Acct   $186.71
CDR's	    $7363.77

Due to the recent weather and power outages there will be no service today in Bideford-Conway. Hopefully things will return to normal by next Sunday.


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